ForNAV makes it really easy to work with reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Three clicks and your reports are converted

Reports ForNAV Converter makes it really easy to run reports developed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in C/SIDE (or “classic”) on newer versions requiring the RDLC format. Simple. Fast. Accurate.

The conversion is done rapidly in three simple steps:

1) EXPORT current reports
2) CONVERT using Reports ForNAV
3) IMPORT to new NAV version, compile and run


Reports ForNAV Designer is an easy-to-use tool for creating and modifying reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If you are familiar with the C/SIDE reporting tool, you can start working with the Reports ForNAV Designer instantly

Features in the Reports ForNAV Designer includes:

• Extended PDF support
• Word, Excel and XML output
• Modify RDLC reports
• Preview with request page
• Save designs in custom layouts or report objects
• And much more…