Hands on Workshop: Getting started with visual studio code and AL Part 1

Date: Monday, April 1, 2019 | From: 11:15:00 to 12:00:00 | Room: JOHOR25

Visual Studio Code AL is the new way of developing solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This has been true for extensions and SaaS add-ons for quite some time, but with the fall release even the Microsoft base app will move completely from the traditional object designer and C/AL language to the new environment on Visual Studio Code. This workshop will give developers who are new to the Business Central ecosystem, or traditional C/AL developers who want to take this chance to get acquainted with the new world a chance to learn how to handle Visual Studio Code AL development from scratch. You will be taken by the hand and led gently to mastering Visual Studio Code AL by a series of instructor-led exercises.


Andrey Baludin

Solution Architect - Awara IT Solutions

Bio: I graduated from Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University in 2007. I have been working with NAV since 2008 from 5.0 to Business Central. I started my career as a key user on customer’s side, in a year I have become a support engineer and in another year - a developer. In 2015 I've changed the side and now I'm working for a partner. I'm a real fan of NAV and Azure, and my specialization is integrating NAV with everything. Microsoft Business Applications MVP since 2019.