WS - C# for C/AL Developers

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017 | From: 10:45 to 12:45 | Room: Mississippi

"There are many situations when a simple C/AL developer needs to open Visual Studio and write a few lines of C# code to make things work. Even though writing simple hello-world-level things is often not a big deal, more often than not you may feel that there is much more that C# as a language and .NET as a programming framework have to offer. And you are right! There are so many things that C# does that is completely foreign to C/AL folks, many hidden gems, many best practices to adopt, much power to harness.
This workshop led by Vjekoslav Babic, a veteran in both C/AL and C#, who has worked with C# since it was still in its digital diapers, will unveil the secrets and the power of this language, that is as elegant as it is powerful, and that is - above all else - useful. You will learn how to write C# and understand C# and how to use concepts foreign to C/AL, such as delegates, anonymous methods, lync, generics, and a few more. "