AgilesWorkflow - Raise Your Standards

Date: Friday, March 24, 2017 | From: 12:00 to 12:45 | Room: Ballroom B

agilesWorkflow: Raise Your Standards

Have you explored Microsoft Dynamics NAV's standard Workflow? Did you experience difficulty setting up multiple approval processes or mandatory fields on master data tables?

With agilesWorkflow, you can setup workflows on any NAV table without additional coding, go beyond single step approvals and much more. Over 25,000 users and more than 250 partners around the globe have put their trust in agilesWorkflow, the real workflow experience.

To gain the insights you've been searching for, join our agilesWorkflow session and visit us at our booth!

Get Real Workflow Experience - on premise or subscription based!

Speakers: Anke Kondermann and Gary Winter


Anke Kondermann:

Anke Kondermann has been immersed in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business ecosystem for more than 10 years. During her time at agiles, she has developed a deep understanding in both vertical and horizontal solutions, and is an expert in the food industry. Her responsibilities include Partner Management and Consulting, and she is focusing on cloud availabilities for Dynamics NAV.

Gary Winter:

Gary has twenty years of experience in designing, implementing and selling products based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. He is the architect behind NAVs first certified vertical solution. Gary is a NAV MVP and a regular speaker on all Microsoft and partner events. He specializes in repeatable and expandable IP and in building software that is coherent from sales messaging through user friendliness and appeal down to architecture. Gary is on the management board of the agiles group and co-owner of Cloud Ready Software.